Ruffus – Eighties Coming Back

Eighties Coming Back

It seems that only hindsight can give us the true perspective of fashion. It always looks good when it’s in fashion, it looks even better when it’s about to come in fashion, but give it 10 years and we think it’s a horror of a size that is usually reserved for the likes of Jerry Springer. Eighties fashion seem to be one of those horrors. Ruffus’s “The Eighties Coming” back recounts the story on someone realising that horror.

We don’t hear from many bands from Estonia, so it’s good to see Ruffus making such a good first impression for their country. Another piano-led number, this was actually Estonia’s entry to the recent Eurovision contest.

Informing us with honest vocals that the full horror of the 80s fashions are coming back to haunt us again, Ruffus give a song of lament and warning. In comparison to other Eurovision entrants, this song is surprisingly low-key, and because of that it stood out a mile among its competitors.

In a field of 26 at Eurovision, Estonia came a disappointing 21st (though this is decidedly better than the British who infamously finished last with zero points). This probably had more to do with the turgid tastes of the Eurovision voters, as others have reported, “Eighties Coming Back” was far too good for the contest.