Phils Finest Hour – Like Michael Jackson Does

Phils Finest Hour
Like Michael Jackson Does

Almost honky-tonk piano carries the weight of this bright number that has a lot to thank from Ben Folds and The Whitlams. Despite its subject matter, this song would be the ideal soundtrack to skipping your way down the footpath on a sunny day. The rhythm section is bouncy, fast, and equally as bright. In fact, all things look bright for this band based on this effort.

“Like Michael Jackson Does” is a song concerning fear and suspicion. This band seem to like to stay at home according to what’s sung here. “I’m wearing a mask just like Michael Jackson does,” they proclaim. Well let’s hope they get out more so more people can enjoying their springy music.

Other songs are about farewells, hypocrisy, and of course girls. Regardless of the subject matter, this band’s beguiling hooks make any subject urge you to skip down that footpath.