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NOFX – The War on Errorism

NOFXThe War on Errorism NOFX is not very happy with the punk scene it is a part of. "I want conflict, I want dissent, I want the scene to represent / Our hatred of authority, our fight against complacency / Stop singing songs about girls and love, you killed the owl you freed the dove / Confrontation and politics replaced with harmonies and shticks … [Read more...]

The Birthday Machine – Direction and Destination 7”

The Birthday MachineDirection and Destination 7” Hailing from Vancouver, Canada and consisting of former or current members of bands like Gaze, the Beans, and the Secret Three, the Birthday Machine is making its recorded debut with this pretty little 7" record. With five band members (two singer/guitarists, one singer/keyboardist, one bassist, and … [Read more...]

Liars Academy – Trading My Life EP

Liars AcademyTrading My Life EP It appears that "emo" isn't quite what it used to be. When the term was first formulated, it applied to bands that came strong with an "emotional" style of music - typically more melodic than heavy. However, as labels and bands discovered that this genre is good for rolling in the dough, the sound has become … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Sisters of the South

Various ArtistsSisters of the South The Music Maker Relief Foundation is a non-profit organization out of North Carolina. The goal of this organization is to uncover some of the practitioners of African American roots music and the like. The foundation has many aspects other than recording, as they help musicians by providing them with medicine, … [Read more...]

Verbena – La Musica Negra

VerbenaLa Musica NegraThis is the third record put out by Verbena and their second with Capitol after the Dave Grohl produced Into the Pink. Verbena clearly pay tribute to the heyday of grunge and bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and their kindred spirits. Singer and guitarist Scott Bondy is very powerful in both aspects of his performance, and he … [Read more...]

Electric Six – Fire

Electric SixFireThis is the debut for the Detroit band Electric Six, who, formerly known as the Wildbunch, had Jack White (of the White Stripes, of course) as a member. They perform a musical mash-up of disco, 80s dance, and punk to the extreme. Many of the members have names such as The Rock and Roll Indian, Surge Joebot, and Disco, clearly … [Read more...]

Skating Club – Bugs and Flowers

Skating ClubBugs and Flowers Bugs and Flowers is a really good, complex, and spicy glass of wine that ruins your taste buds for all other wines. It's the way your significant other's shoulder smells when you lock arms and necks for a long embrace, knowing you won't be seeing each other for a while. It is the feeling of sweet anticipation in … [Read more...]

Wakefield – American Made

WakefieldAmerican Made The cover makes me cringe. The washed-out high school athletic tee font logo isn't exactly bursting with originality, but - for nostalgia's sake - it can be overlooked. I'm less merciful, however, about the cover shot. I know you've seen it before. The band is in their rehearsal space overwhelmed - supposedly - by the … [Read more...]

The Jupiter Watts – Short Wave Signals and False Alarms

The Jupiter WattsShort Wave Signals and False Alarms The Jupiter Watts are a quartet of middle-aged rock-and-roll junkies from Atlanta. Their debut album, Short Wave Signals and False Alarms, proves that it really is never too late... or is it? The Jupiter Watts sound like a mix between the gentleness of the Lemonheads, the harshness of the Rolling … [Read more...]

Richard Youngs – Airs of the Ear

Richard YoungsAirs of the Ear For everyone who has ever picked up an instrument, not knowing exactly how to play but willing to wander up and down its melodic scales out of curiosity, you know that if you take enough time you will likely find a melody that seems to have been pulled straight out or your subconscious, the nature of its particular … [Read more...]