Omegalord – Philadelphia – Trocadero Balcony, PA – 2003-05-31

Where: Philadelphia – Trocadero Balcony, PA.

When: 2003-05-31

A rainy night in Philadelphia and an $8 show are the perfect combination – especially if it’s a band like Dixie Witch playing who I foolishly missed during their swing through the area last year. After hearing the trio’s debut release Into the Sun I vowed to catch them the next time they came through for two major reasons – they play great Southern hard rock and the drummer/singer Trinidad Leal’s voice is absolutely wonderful. Even though I like a wide variety of rock music, vocals are often the thing that make or break an album for me, so when I find a singer with a really remarkable voice I can’t ignore it.

I met my partner in crime at the Balcony around 11 pm and just as opener Omegalord finished their set. I honestly have no idea who they are or what their music sounds like. Hellblock 6 took the stage shortly after I arrived and launched into a scorching set. I’ve seen this Philly trio play a number of times now and they seem to get better every time. Their music is a mix of doom metal with bits of hardcore and stoner rock flavor thrown in for good measure. The drummer does most of the vocals in a growl that fans of more hardcore stuff are likely to dig.

Between sets this guy comes up to the bar where I’m standing and asks me a question. We started chatting and it turns out he’s Dixie Witch’s Trinidad, which I honestly had no clue about when he first walked over. As many shows as I’ve been to I have never actually met a band member that I can remember – generally because I’m usually the shy girl who only talks to the people she already knows – so it was a nice little highlight for me. This personal aside may not be important to most people, but it’s nice to find musicians who are down to earth and friendly.

On to the main event! Dixie Witch is a trio from Texas made up of Trinidad Leal (drums & vocals), Clayton Mills (guitar), and Curt Christenson (bass). Their music is absolutely infectious – nice and heavy but with just enough Southern rock flair, thick grooves, fuzzy guitars, and melodic goodness to keep it all interesting. If your taste in music falls anywhere in the hard rock realm of bands like Alabama Thunder Pussy and High on Fire, then Dixie Witch is right up your alley.

The band played a full set featuring most of their songs from their 2001 release Into the Sun, including the awesome title track, “CC,” and “Throwin’ Shapes.” They also played a bunch of new tracks off their May 2003 release One Bird Two Stones such as “More of a Woman” and my new favorite, “The Wheel.” Topping it all off at the end of the show was Trinidad’s Slayer drum outro that my partner claimed was, “so good, it’s like getting kicked in the crotch and liking it.” From the reaction of the rest of the crowd, that statement seemed to be right on target. I’m not even sure exactly how long they played – which isn’t a bad thing since the music just sucks you in and everything else is irrelevant.

Dixie Witch is still in the midst of touring relentlessly in support of One Bird Two Stones. I highly recommend picking up the album and heading to one of their shows if they make it to your town. This band is one of many proofs that good rock n’ roll still exists, and I for one will not miss another of their shows in my area.