Liars Academy – Trading My Life EP

Liars Academy
Trading My Life EP

It appears that “emo” isn’t quite what it used to be. When the term was first formulated, it applied to bands that came strong with an “emotional” style of music – typically more melodic than heavy. However, as labels and bands discovered that this genre is good for rolling in the dough, the sound has become increasingly simplified and toned down. So, with this restructuring of the music taking place, most would have to agree that the line must be drawn somewhere: Where does emo begin and pop end, and vice versa? The Liar’s Academy seems to have found its own answer.
This rockin’ and rollin’ Equal Vision outfit surely emanates from the pop category. While one can pick up on some of the band’s “emo” influences, the music on this EP is as pop-rock as it gets. In particular, this record should please fans of ballsy 80s pop. Although this group is surely not quite from the ranks of The Boss or Mellencamp, it does deliver in terms of solid musicianship and songwriting.
Out of the four songs on this EP, “Chainsmoke the Night Away” is probably the bounciest and prettiest – both of which are important factors in the pop/rock universe. This number is a pleasant trip down roads occupied by the likes of Weezer. This track delivers with a powerful hook, and equally melodic and strong vocal lines. “Now is the Time” would fit perfectly on the dial of any retro 80s station. If one can imagine the mid-paced bubblegum of Rick Springfield hooking up with the slight crunch of The Cars, he or she would be right in sync with what LA is going for.
Is this a progression from the band’s previous full-length? Some would agree, while others would object. One thing, however, is for sure: The Liar’s Academy is definitely moving further down the pop/rock trail. Those that are eager to travel down the same path will probably like this EP.