Converge – Unloved and Weeded Out

Unloved and Weeded Out

No matter how many things change about hardcore, there is always one constant: Converge will consistently make jaw-dropping, heart-stopping music.
These Massachusetts marauders have been around for over a decade, and somehow they continue to grow and excite with each new release. Their previous full-length, the now legendary Equal Vision LP Jane Doe, showcased the band at its most mercilessly unrelenting. The troupe’s technical brilliance and perfect mixture of metal, hardcore, noise, and punk was a genre-defining moment. So, how can these Boston-area natives top all of that? For starters, Converge does plan to release its next full-length of new material – You Fail Me – later this year; however, before these sonically strident visionaries move forward with a new chapter in an increasingly brilliant career, one does have the privilege of investigating a brand new release full of demos, rarities, and live tracks that show off the roots of where this progressive music came from – Unloved and Weeded Out.
Before making any sarcastic comments, pay attention. Unloved and Weeded Out is not some piece of filler in a ploy to steal extra bucks from devoted fans; rather, this record is a beautifully packaged, perfectly picked combination of rarities specially chosen by the band for release. Some of the songs will be familiar from spiffed-up albums (“Towing Jehovah,” the demo version), while others (“Downpour”) should be new to even the most die-hard fans of the group. Newer followers will likely find the range the band displays rather extraordinary. These metallic marauders shred anything that gets in their way-from nod-inducing metal riffs to accelerated blast beats. Those who have stuck with Converge throughout its existence will again be reminded how far the band has progressed in terms of taking all of these sounds and combining them into one furiously ferocious concoction – Jane Doe being a prime example.
Overall, as with any release from Converge, Unloved and Weeded Out is definitely worth adding to any hardcore devotees’ record collection. Though the listener won’t yet find out what the band’s upcoming material will sound like, this LP is a fascinating, head-banging trip down memory lane hand-in-hand with this well-respected crew of extreme hardcore hooligans.