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All Girl Summer Fun Band – 2

All Girl Summer Fun Band2Portland, Oregon's All Girl Summer Fun Band completely live up to their name with their sophomore effort 2. AGSFB consists of indie-pop luminaries Jen Sbragia (The Softies) on lead guitar and backing vocals, Kathy Foster (currently of The Thermals, formerly of The Urban Legends) on drums, Kim Baxter (Cherry Ice Cream Smile) … [Read more...]

Madeline Fix – Ferris

Madeline FixFerrisI guess it shouldn’t be surprising that a record label that has popped up that deals with MP3s only. Hell, it saves in pressing and distribution costs. I guess is kinda a label or at least a distributor of MP3-only stuff. So we have the label of sorts (nothing more than a web host if truth be told) called Lung Cookie, … [Read more...]

The Silence Kit – Fifty Things to Do

The Silence KitFifty Things to DoThis is a slow build-up melodic lo-fi serving from The Silent Kit. It’s very much the kind of thing that you listen to late at night while alone in your bedroom when you’re depressed - seem to get a lot of that round here. The subject matter here is of being alone with one’s thoughts. Sparsely plucked guitars, a … [Read more...]

Puerto Muerto – Elena

Puerto MuertoElenaOn Elena, Puerto Muerto take their listeners on a geographical and perhaps even ethno-musical world tour of haunting songwriting and instrumentation. At moments chilling, at others sly and almost tongue-in-cheek, the songs yearn to get under your skin in a most seductive, creepy-crawly fashion, and mostly do just that. Once there, … [Read more...]

HiM – Many in High Places are Not Well

HiMMany in High Places are Not WellDoug Scharin is a well-travelled man, having established himself as a consummate collaborator through tours of duty as a member of Codeine, June of "44, Directions in Music, and Rex. Yet curiously (and perhaps frustratingly for the man himself), his own personalised musical operation - HiM - has remained in the … [Read more...]

The Templars – Phase Two

The TemplarsPhase Two I've admitted to expecting little from the first Templars' re-release but not so for Phase Two. Originally released on Dim Records, a small D.I.Y. label, in 1997 and out of print until recently, Phase Two followed 1994's Return of Jacques de Molay, and both were recently re-released simultaneously through GMM Records. The … [Read more...]

The Lassie Foundation – The El Dorado LP

The Lassie FoundationThe El Dorado LP If you're not familiar with The Lassie Foundation, you need to be. Why? They're probably the best pop band you've never heard. Their first album, Pacifico, had a sound that was equally composed of sun-kissed Beach Boys-esque harmonies and frothy, choppy feedback and white noise ala The Jesus and Mary Chain. But … [Read more...]

Joseph Plunket and the Weight – Seven Stories EP

Joseph Plunket and the WeightSeven Stories EP I've been listening to Wilco lately and thinking it's a damn shame. I've been getting my latest country doses from Chicago, of all places. What does the land of meat packers and wind know about the down-home "my wife ran away with my pick up and my dog, and I'm drunk on whiskey thinking about my washed … [Read more...]

The Forecast – Proof of Impact

The ForecastProof of Impact Ah, sour home Chicago. For all your Nanas, your Skibas, and your Kinsellas, we salute you. Actually scratch that, we only give you a half salute for the Kinsellas. And I proudly applaud another one of your native sons, trying to join the upper echelon, Mr. Jared Grabb, front man of The Forecast, who have provided us a … [Read more...]

Noise Ratchet – S/T EP

Noise RatchetS/T EP These boys have been busy, but their strategy seems to be paying off. To support last year's debut full-length, Til We Have Faces, the band completed tours with the likes of Dashboard Confessional, Piebald, Hot Rod Circuit, and others. The album ended up turning enough heads to earn the band a deal with American Recordings, home … [Read more...]