The Grumps – Fat Cat

The Grumps
Fat Cat

The Grumps are essentially an acoustic four-piece with an accordion dominating their sound. They’re the sort of band that would be playing quietly in a corner of a café or bar where you take that cute brunette you met the night before. The music would provide a nice atmosphere for your new friend, without being too distracting so as not divert the brunette’s attention away from you.

It’s all very sedate for the laid back Grumps. It’s not folk. The singing has that edge of passion to it. It sounds like the singer wants to go full throttle with his voice, but the band’s generated mood is keeping him in check.

The rhythms have a hint of jazz (courtesy of the double bass, brushed snare, and guitar) yet it comes across as quite different when the accordion kicks in. You can’t help but find yourself gently swaying in your seat to The Grumps.

This is nice Sunday afternoon stuff as you take solace as you reflect on your week with friends. Nice, but it wont distract you from the cute brunette.