The All-American Rejects – Swing Swing

Not a band wishing it was still 1942 with Glenn Miller still making the charts, but in fact a nice little stomp-a-thon with the usual strained impassioned vocals. The church organ sound makes you think that this band do most of their gigs in churches. While the world seeing an indie band dressed in priest garb would be a, erm, novelty, this band instead are more your jeans and t-shirts and found in a bar somewhere. More’s the pity.

Not a million miles from Weezer with their buzz guitar pop, “Swing Swing” has a melody that’s as infectious as SARS. Thankfully this band will do you much more good than any world wide ‘flu virus outbreak panic. In fact, you should stop worrying about life threatening epidemics and instead get with the flavour of The All-American Rejects.

Lamenting about loneliness, but with the positive twist of defiance that someone else will be found to repair the broken heart, the band even throw in some harmonies to go with the church organ and bouncy chorus.

Other indie-pop-a-thons can be found elsewhere in their playlist. It’s a nice mix and you can say when the song finishes you think it’s all too soon. Surely there’s not a better sign than that.