Starflyer 59 – The Lights On

Starflyer 59
The Lights On

Ten years before Starflyer 69 I guess… anyways, these Dinosaur Jr. fans churn out “The Lights On.” There’s a smattering of lo-fi- keyboard and a mumbling vocal that would make J Mascis proud. The production is clean though and would make a good filler track on your next mix CD-R that you keep in the car. It has a catchy riff, doesn’t go on too long (so you don’t get bored), and has a nice sway about it.

The sound is clean and fresh, kinda loser-core, but the strongest impression you get is that this song is the sort of thing you reserve for a sunny day. Mid-tempo paced, there is evidence that time has been well-spent in the studio to create the slick drum sound and layers upon layers of guitars like a straight out-of-the-oven layer cake.

It doesn’t stick out from the pack that much except in the sense that the production values were high with smart people behind the mixing desk for this effort to make this band sound as good as possible. As soon as this band come across THE SONG, then their studio experience will ensure that the best will be drawn out from this band’s talent pool.