Spin the Bottle – S/T EP

Spin the Bottle, a band from Philadelphia, are on the right track to success; they’ve generated a local fan base, played countless shows, and are nationally sponsored by Jägermeister, who have helped promote bands like Pantera, Bloodhound Gang, Coal Chamber, and more. On top of it all, Spin the Bottle have the same beefy-rock style that has become popular lately through bands like Theory of a Deadman, Creed, and Nickelback. Despite all this, Spin the Bottle are lacking in originality and have yet to develop a clear style of their own.
The first track on the EP, “Breathe,” is an average rock song. It’s radio friendly and rather generic. Yet, “Fortune Smiles” and “Something,” the other two tracks on the album, break away from the cookie-cutter rock displayed on the first song. With crunching guitars and melodic vocals, Spin the Bottle sound similar to Far and the Deftones.
For the most part, Spin the Bottle’s EP is enjoyable, yet their lack of creativity and originality makes for an unmemorable album. There is no doubt that the band members are talented, but without their own style, they’re not likely to be anything more than a one-hint-wonder.