Satellite Down – Apple Arrow

Satellite Down
Apple Arrow

With painfully flat singing this is almost unlistenable, this song is, iIn fact, unlistenable. Don’t waste your bandwidth on this one.

Satellite Down is from New Jersey. Think of the sound of someone being mercilessly tortured. Think of the scream that person would make. Now imagine if that scream was being tortured and it in turn screamed out in unspeakable pain. That’s the sound this band make. There’s so much good music coming from this area, and Satellite Down is not one of them.

This guy is also into photography. Check them out instead. He should stick to that. I like photography – it’s my second favourite visual art. After movies – speaking of which have seen the AniMatrix films? They’re great. I especially liked- . . . No, wait. I’m getting off track.

Oh god I had to stop this one half way through – it was too much for me to bear. Now to be fair, I should say that this recording is only a demo and maybe the finished product will be much better . . . Hmph! Doubt it. Not when you’re starting with this. You don’t see this much crap in a sewer. I hate music reviewing.