Rocket West – All About You

Rocket West
All About You

Rocket West are heading into that now rather well-populated area that Weezer have set up camp. Why should Weezer be the one that receives all the praise? Well apart from the nifty film clips, there’s probably no reason at all, but there’s no reason why it should be this band either.

On the verge of screaming vocals, at turns chugging, at times blasting guitars and a rhythm section that does its best to keep up, the band themselves don’t seem to have much to say. Indeed in the bios on the band’s web site, bassist Chris is quoted thus, “I’ve got nothing to say right now.” Which is a bit of a red rag to a bull if you ask me about a band that has yet to find that special something.

Telling the story of a lusted after object, in “All About You,” Rocket West like to while away the time being alone and thinking alternatively about girls and wanting to die. Often hard to distinguish the two, I guess.

Elsewhere, Rocket West songs are more energetic and start to head into the new millennium wave sound that everyone’s doing these days. Which returns us to Rocket West’s main impression that they give. It’s all being executed in a respectable manner, but there’s nothing here to set this band from the rest of the pack. You’re a Weezer fan? Stick with them.