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Hello Defective – Kill Us Now

Hello DefectiveKill Us NowHello Defective are the British duo of Armitage and Kirby with some extra help by a few other contributors. This is their debut full-length of bright psych pop in vein of mid-90s Flaming Lips material. Kirby's vocals are very similar to that of Wayne Coyne, with a wistful, nasal charm and grace. They craft some very … [Read more...]

Beggarz – Days Come Easy

BeggarzDays Come Easy Beggarz are a garage rock/bar band from Toronto that takes from the sounds of classic rock. They borrow the bluesy swagger from the Rolling Stones while throwing in some Southern rock sounds as well. They craft tough songs that hark back to the early days of rock when they mixed the sound of R&B into their groups. Adam Cassidy … [Read more...]

Two Guys – Recorded

Two GuysRecorded This is Two Guys' debut album. It's called Recorded. The lack of time and effort put forth in naming this project and the album title is, unfortunately, indicative of the content. Which is a shame, really, because some of the songs included on this CD show potential and creativity. But neither the potential nor the creativity were … [Read more...]

The Capitol Years – Jewelry Store EP

The Capitol YearsJewelry Store EP The Capitol Years just want to rock. Jewelry Store, the band's sux-song offering to the masses, accomplishes just that. Shai Halperin, head-honcho, released his first CD, Meet Yr Acres, as a solo act. This time around, he picked up Kyle Lloyd, Dave Wayne Daniels, and Jeff Van Newkirk to bring the rock full-tilt. … [Read more...]

Henry – Cyanide EP

HenryCyanide EP A quick note from a critic to aspiring hipster musicians: when emulating the style of one of the unimpeachable figures in the rock snob's pantheon, be very careful how you do it. Doing your best impression of the New York Dolls might seem like the quickest route to our sweaty little hearts, but despite the facts that our species is … [Read more...]

Drunk Horse – Adult Situations

Drunk HorseAdult Situations Just when you thought it was over, when no more juice could be squeezed from the tired, abused golden fruit, along comes a record like this. This is big limo ridin', coke snortin', whisky drinkin', groupie fuckin' rocka-rolla from the deepest bowels of the darkest city streets and the beer and puke-stained floors of the … [Read more...]

Soledad Brothers – Live

Soledad BrothersLive The blues are meant to be played live. Not that the sound of an electric blues band can't be exhilarating in a studio setting, but that boozy, sweaty swagger is just hard to convey on a spinning piece of plastic (that's probably why you'll be hard-pressed to find many truly definitive blues studio albums). As boastful and showy … [Read more...]

Andrew – Happy to Be Here

AndrewHappy to Be HereIf his work with The Bus Stop Label is any indication - and I get the feeling that it is - Andrew Sandoval must have Pet Sounds stuck on a permanent loop inside of his head. The latest offering from Andrew, appropriately titled Happy to Be Here, is a carefully studied exercise in 1960s pop nostalgia, a kind of half-knowing … [Read more...]

Frances 8 – Half Whole

Frances 8Half Whole From the diary of Morton Excelsior, Boy Genius Dear Diary: Today, the unthinkable happened. I'm positive that I went to bed a 15 year-old male, but when I woke up this morning, stretching and yawning, I realized that somehow I'd somehow switched places with a 16 year-old girl! It must have had to do with all the … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Pulse from Mid-America

Various ArtistsPulse from Mid-America Rob Smith must be a proud man. Anatomy Records, his small, independent label out of downtown Indianapolis, boasts an impressive roster of talent. To showcase these artists, he's released Pulse from Mid-America, an album that gives a taste of the sounds of 17 up-and-coming bands from the Midwest that have yet to … [Read more...]