Nuts in Your Mouth – Suburban Ninja

Nuts in Your Mouth
Suburban Ninja

Nuts in Your Mouth are one posse that clearly wear their influences on their sleeve.

While I’m not a fan of Eminem, it is easy to realise that his influence is profound. His delivery and style has begun to be copied, and there are surely more to come. Another group of major influence is the The Wu Tang Clan. Their martial arts-inspired philosophy and style is central to what the Wu are all about. Then there’s The Beastie Boys, who I’ve always seen as a group who have their tongues firmly implanted into the cheek – they don’t seem to take themselves seriously at all.

Round up together the delivery style of Eminem, the influence in Asian martial arts of the Wu Tang Clan, and the humour of the Beastie Boys, and hey presto! You’ve got Nuts in Your Mouth in a, er, nutshell.

Sounding like a bunch of college boys taking over control of the microphones and beats, this is clearly a party band. With the use of
amusing and catchy samples that are attention demanding and that betrayed sense of humour, NIYM are precisely the sort of people you want around playing at your next frat party. The beats are carefully designed to shake your ass to, and the rhymes and attitude keep your weed-induced smile on your face.

This band is not going to make you think, nor will they stun the world with their originality (or lack thereof), but that’s not the point. This is a fun effort that completely achieves what it sets out to do.