Now is Now – Transitions

Now is Now

Now is Now hail from Maine, and this is the band’s debut outing. The band plays standard pop songs that there isn’t much to say about. Singer Mitch Alden has a unique voice that has that slight Maine country twang to it. The members are all competent musicians and there is a rootsiness they bring to the clean production.
“Daydream” starts the disc off with a pretty generic pop form that is dragged down even more by Alden who uses unnecessary vocal histrionics. “Now” has a very rootsy sound to it with Sean Baille’s slide guitar and some added organ and piano. The song is rather pleasant, but again Alden occasionally goes over the top when it’s uncalled for. “Sail Away” is a duet with Lindi who really has a pretty lilting voice that gets overpowered sometimes by Alden. This song also has some good guitar playing, keeping it grounded – well, except for Alden’s voice again.
“Heaven Helps” is the band’s attempt to get crunchy, but it really doesn’t work well. Alden’s vocals are sometimes masked by distortion in a nasal snotty tone, and it’s accompanied by a by-the-numbers guitar solo. “Transitions” is an instrumental that starts out nicely with some pretty acoustic picking and faint electric guitar. The song builds into some large drum and synth crashes, but it keeps a nice tone and finds a good solid groove that works.
This disc is full of pretty generic melodies and writing that really doesn’t do much to grab attention. There are the occasional flashes of something interesting, but those are relatively fleeting. Alden really needs to tone down his vocal approach and histrionics as they are very off-putting. The band succeeds when the rootsiness comes to the front, and hopefully they will play more to this strength in the future.