Innerstance Beatbox – All Little Boys Do Silly Little Dances

Innerstance Beatbox
All Little Boys Do Silly Little Dances

So, Jason Todd of Def Harmonic fame has released a solo LP under the moniker of Innerstance Beatbox. Does this mean anything to anyone? Well, based on the results of this record, it should.
The collection of tunes that Todd has assembled under his new banner come together to show off his immense DJ-ing skills, as well as his tremendous musical knowledge. Whether it’s the vaguely humorous “Quelle Heure Est-il?” or the sample-filled “Abuse of the Spoken Word,” Todd manages to combine a mixture of tight beats, clever sound clips, and jazzy overtones into a head-nodding blend of a record. While Todd isn’t quite the master of the wheels of steel that Pete Rock, DJ Premier, or a host of other legends might be, he does demonstrate his innate ability to create and produce some sturdy, rhythm-based cuts.
Could the LP have come off better with more of an emphasis on rapping? Probably so. As with most instrumental releases, the goings-on tend to get a bit dry – especially without the benefit of an MC to hype things up. It would have been nice to see Todd challenge any number of up and coming underground rhyme slangers with a trip to his musical mélange. When an MC does enter the picture on “I have a Special Camera,” it proves to be too little too late for those swayed by rhymes as opposed to beats. After listening to the album, one could easily picture almost any solid MC flowing nicely over the top of any one of Todd’s jazz-infected, sample-laden tunes, and though his instrumentals come off just fine, he could mix things up a bit with some more guest appearances.
Is this record worth buying? Well, those who enjoy windows down, breezy summer rides with some fine beats in tow might be well advised to give this disc a try. The record also might play well as background or dance music at a party. However, those who firmly believe in MCs representing over any song might want to pass and wait until Todd eventually hooks up with some battle-tested rhymers.