Beggarz – Days Come Easy

Days Come Easy

Beggarz are a garage rock/bar band from Toronto that takes from the sounds of classic rock. They borrow the bluesy swagger from the Rolling Stones while throwing in some Southern rock sounds as well. They craft tough songs that hark back to the early days of rock when they mixed the sound of R&B into their groups. Adam Cassidy has the snotty, nasal vocals down pat, and on occasion he even sounds a little like Mick Jagger.
“Days Come Easy” has some tough guitar riffs and a very nice chorus with the somewhat whiny vocals from Cassidy. The chorus has some very nice melodic vocals that carry some emotion that is not overly grating, though the guitar break is a little too clichéd. “Take it Out on Me” has that greasy early rock and R&B feel, but it’s a little too clean, taking away the grit. The playing is pretty competent, and there is some nice guitar playing and pretty female backing vocals to accompany this nice little song.
“Janine” is a Southern rock boogie tune, with some pretty nice guitar playing that has some nice soul to it and early rock leanings. Cassidy carries his syllables a little too far, hanging on to word endings far more than he should. “Bad Luck Baby” has a bluesy groove and some attitude carrying the tune. The lyrics are a little pedestrian and awkward, following the standard path of a guy losing his girl.
This is some standard bar-band classic rock that is a little stale and gets old rather quickly. The band is clearly trying to attain the swagger that the Rolling Stones’ early music had but is a little too clean with not enough snotty attitude. The lyrics are quite rough in many places, and that can be a little hard to take, as are the vocals in spots. The production is really slick and takes some of the soul away, leaving some limp performances where there should be some dirt and grit. In short doses, the disc can be somewhat enjoyable, but overall it’s hard to get through and too clichéd.