Archives for May 2003

Vashti Bunyan – Prospect Hummer EP

Vashti BunyanProspect Hummer EPThey are known for giddily meowing on record. She is known for recording tracks about lily ponds and glow worms. It was only a matter of time before the Brooklyn-based Animal Collective and the recently rechristened godmother of freak-folk, Vashti Bunyan, joined creative forces. It seems only natural that one of … [Read more...]

Scarboro Aquarium Club – Poisoned

Scarboro Aquarium ClubPoisoned The debut album by Scarboro Aquarium Club plays like an experimental album put out by veterans. Poisoned is a very well-produced, eclectic mix of songs to either sit around alone and sulk to, or get up and dance to...either way, you'll love every minute of this album. It sounds like a collaboration between Belle & … [Read more...]

Function – The Zillionaire-Retarded Speeds of Ordinary, Measured Light

FunctionThe Zillionaire-Retarded Speeds of Ordinary, Measured Light And from nowhere, it shall come. First line, first track, first words, "Break my heart I yearn to bleed and grow / Train my art I'm novice and mad and slow." There's a muted trumpet doing its best to sonically replicate the feelings behind those words, and Matt Nicholson, creator … [Read more...]

Natalie Flanagan – Let

Natalie FlanaganLet Her songs are straightforward and at times perhaps even a little cold, but the less-flowery approach lends the folk-drenched singer/songwriter a little bit of individuality in a genre where it is so very hard to find. Her lyrics are a bit lackluster, or maybe just plain, but she refuses to fall back on the high and dainty, lady … [Read more...]

Lucinda Williams – World Without Tears

Lucinda WilliamsWorld Without Tears Ever since 1998's Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, it's become difficult to find a review of a new Lucinda Williams album that doesn't start with a sentence like, "Ever since 1998's Car Wheels on a Gravel Road..." Of course, if anything this is a testimonial to that album's quality and its importance, along with … [Read more...]

The Impossible Shapes – Bless the Headless

The Impossible ShapesBless the Headless On their newest release Bless the Headless, the Impossible Shapes have eschewed their former lo-fi basement sound for the crispness and clarity of a music studio. The sound is still warm, though, and it evokes the feel of a tightly-knit band of musicians crammed together in a small room cranking out textured, … [Read more...]

Lagwagon – Blaze

LagwagonBlaze After reading heaps of praise for Lagwagon's latest effort - their first studio album in five long years - I was eager to hear it for myself. 1995's Hoss, the album that first brought Lagwagon into the spotlight, re-vamped the West-coast punk sound that NOFX popularized, giving speedy riffs a softer, more sensitive side, and - on a … [Read more...]

Sixty Stories – Anthem Red

Sixty StoriesAnthem Red I know what it's like to do crack. Or, at least, now I can feasibly imagine what it's like. The transcendent calm of that first hit, the overwhelming pleasure, and the relief. I know the sweats, the withdrawal, and the constant dominance it has on your consciousness. I know all this because that's the effect Anthem Red … [Read more...]

We Are Childhood Equals – This is What You Asked For

We Are Childhood EqualsThis is What You Asked For It is one thing to catch a brand new band on a brand new label and see what is taking place before everyone else hears about it, good or bad. It is even better to catch a brand new band on a brand new label that you think has the potential to do really interesting things. There are just so many … [Read more...]

Heroes of the Alamo – 98 to 1

Heroes of the Alamo98 to 1 Named after a 1937 B-movie starring Earle Hodgins, Bruce Warren, and Lane Chandler, Heroes of the Alamo hail not from Texas, but rather from New York. There is a distinct Elvis Costello influence throughout, especially on elements such as the jangly rhythm guitar parts, and there is also a wealth of distortion slathered … [Read more...]