The Junior Varsity – Say Goodnight

The Junior Varsity
Say Goodnight

This band seems to be a bit of a fan of all that punk-pop stuff that is splattered all over the place, but Junior Varsity is at its best when the band sets its sights a little higher as they do with “Say Goodnight.” This song is an earnest number that starts of with a gentle unassuming little guitar riff and then goes all huge by the time the chorus kicks in.

The band’s sound on this song is pleasant enough – it’s clean and neat, but perhaps it needs to feel bigger to give their promising songs that killer blow. The vocals are strained and sound small. The guy should do something with his voice, and things would improve appreciably. At the moment, it sounds like a thousand other indie voices, but this band’s strength lies elsewhere.

So during the times this band take themselves seriously and burn their punk records we might actually have something here.