The Fatales – Harajuku Hip EP

The Fatales
Harajuku Hip EP

The five-piece band, The Fatales, from Blacksburg, Va., play some pretty straight-forward rock that sounds like it’s fresh out of the garage. Merging neo-psychedelica, punk, and power-pop into four fun songs, the band sounds like they’ve been playing forever. And while they fit nicely in the vein of today’s golden boys like The Strokes and The Vines, The Fatales show quite a bit more variation to their approach, which is much appreciated.
The opening riff to “Where’d You get Those Shoes” sounds like a James Bond or Spyhunter-themed riff, but the song itself runs from a quiet pop song to all-out rock during the chorus. By its end, the band throws in heavy doses of synths and warbling guitar lines as if snubbing their noses at traditional garage rock! The frenzied retro-rock of “Tokyo Go Go,” with its sing-along chorus and piano-led verses, is flat-out fun, and “I Can Behave” is a mixture of surf-sounding guitar and 60s rock, tambourine and backing “bah bah bah” in tow. “Watch the Breakers” is different, riding some lovely shimmering guitar lines – acoustic and electric mixing nicely with some synth – for a wonderful pop feel.
You can download all four of these songs from their website as well as two tracks from their first EP. I highly recommend, though, that you catch them live and buy a CD version, too, as it’s unlikely they are making money from your downloads. And self-releasing, self-promoting bands like The Fatales, who haven’t hit the big time yet like The Vines and The Strokes, deserve the recognition even more. Especially since they’re far more original. Check these guys out.