The Candies – Dense Waves Make Your Eyes Wider

The Candies
Dense Waves Make Your Eyes Wider

The Candies is a three-piece band coming from Italy with their second release. They share a lot of common with fellow countrymen Blonde Redhead, and their brand of controlled chaos. They perform some tight post-punk but also know the dynamics of songs going soft to loud on occasion. They are adept musicians with a thing for hidden melodies, which would otherwise tend to get lost in noise.
“Like Tennis Shoes” starts off with some jagged guitar and bass playing off each other while the vocals erupt. Guilio Cavalino has an interesting vocal approach that is hard to understand; the lyrics might not have the best grasp of English, but they are pretty incomprehensible. “Basslines for Your Fucking Grave” has monster bassplaying as the title would suggest, and it is accompanied nicely by chanted vocals. The bass is centerstage here, while the guitar chords in the background and the drums power along.
“Being Togeter” sports a skronky punk guitar with fast-paced strumming, as the drumming of Giordano Rizzato gallops along at high speed. The song has a very anxious feel to it that is pulled off nicely, especially with the yelping vocals. “You Fly While Driving” starst off nice and solemnly, creating some tension before exploding quick guitar and manic drumming and shouterd soaring nasal vocals. The bands raucous, yet tightly focused sound is to the fore and quite pleasing as the song ends in a quick stop.
The Candies are quite good, even if what they do is not totally original or has been done better beforehand. The vocals are occasionally wearing, but they play nicely with the music and set the emotion for the band to follow. The songs chug along at a quick pace and are quite amusing, especially the powerful drumming. It’s nice to have a record that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, and at under 30 minutes it knows its limits and serves to it being better than much else around recently.