Rob McColley – Juicy

First of all, let me start by saying this is one of the quirkiest records I have heard in a long time, and it has a cover that has had me throughly confused. Rob McColley has released records under the name A Boy Named Laurie, and this is his fourth release. McColley has a knack for creating pretty pop songs of many varieties and then topping them off with humerous, sometimes crude, lyrics. This CD has a very strange humor to it, and at times McColley sounds fully serious.
“Green for Danger” starts the disc off with a surf-inflected, spy movie theme song tinged tone with some great lead and backing vocals. There is also some pretty horn accompaniment and a slight lounge vibe to the song as well. “Roma” has a rompish feel to it carried along by some simplistic piano twinkling and fun vocals. There are some very cool breaks in the song, adding different feels untill the music picks up again.
“Turning Curious” is one of the ruder songs on the CD but also one of the most enjoyably hilarious. The song contains one of the most classic rude choruses, and you can feel McColley winking as he delivers the lyrics. “You C*nt” again carries some timeless lyrics about someone who isn’t thought of too highly. In my opinion you can’t help but smile at lyrics like “you cunt / you are bad / your name is synonomous with people like you / who are bad / who are cunts.” “One Aardvark” is a bizzare tale of an unfortunate rapist who goes too far in his insatiability and gets busted for violating an Aardvark. No matter how outrageous the subject, you can hear the fun the people involved are having and it’s contagious.
No matter how far McColley stretches humor, it never becomes too offensive, where it possibly could in someone’s less skilled hands. It all seems tongue in cheek, and it’s hard not to laugh or smile along with it. McColley also proves he can write a good tune, crafting wonderful pop backings that stretch a wide range of sounds. This is just a downright fun recording, it’s very catchy and infectious. Not for the easily offended or humorless; if you don’t fit into those categories then jump right into Juicy.