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The Candies – Dense Waves Make Your Eyes Wider

The CandiesDense Waves Make Your Eyes Wider The Candies is a three-piece band coming from Italy with their second release. They share a lot of common with fellow countrymen Blonde Redhead, and their brand of controlled chaos. They perform some tight post-punk but also know the dynamics of songs going soft to loud on occasion. They are adept … [Read more...]

The Rubinoos – Crimes Against Music

The RubinoosCrimes Against Music First, a confession - I really don't know that much about power pop as a genre. It's history, founders, major breakthroughs, yadda-yadda. I pretty much draw a blank on all of it. So if you're a fan, I apologize in advance. Now, on we go... Apparently, when the Rubinoos debuted in 1977, they were a big deal and … [Read more...]

Copeland – Beneath Medicine Tree

CopelandBeneath Medicine Tree Photographs of hospital beds, gurneys, broken wrists, and various hospital equipment adorn the inside pages of Copeland's first full-length release, Beneath Medicine Tree. As they were recording the album, lead-man Aaron Marsh's girlfriend was in the hospital with lupus, and his grandmother had recently passed away. … [Read more...]

Hollis – Sound

HollisSoundDallas may not be currently considered a hotbed of indie rock activity, and Tulsa even less so, but the former boasts Deck Sachse and the latter claims Scott Griffith, the two leading lights of Hollis. As the geographical separation hints, the pair converged only recently after having established themselves separately. Right from the … [Read more...]

Risk Relay – Low Frequency Listener

Risk RelayLow Frequency Listener I spent the first 20 minutes listening to Risk Relay's solid debut Low Frequency Listener trying to resolve a nagging question that kept coming back to frustrate me, a question whose answer still eludes me despite a flurry or three of brain racking that yielded no results. Just who the hell do these guys sound like? … [Read more...]

Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends

Taking Back SundayTell All Your Friends Taking Back Sunday are geniuses - they have created an album that everyone loves, toured extensively with bands like From Autumn to Ashes, Midtown, and Boxcar Racer, and they have really great merch (belts, binders, bags, and more)! On top of it all, Taking Back Sunday put on one amazing, energy-packed, … [Read more...]

The Red Hot Valentines – Calling Off Today EP

The Red Hot ValentinesCalling Off Today EP With their three-song EP, Calling Off Today, The Red Hot Valentines prove just how "red hot" they can be (excuse the obvious cliché). Having shared a stage with the likes of Alkaline Trio and Superdrag, The Red Hot Valentines clearly have something going for them. Calling Off Today offers three … [Read more...]

Zongamin – S/T

ZongaminS/T Though the critics will smirk when comparing Japan's Zongamin to Godzilla, if the ensemble were reptilian in any way, it would be more accurate to call them chameleons. "Ensemble" is also a very misleading term. While supported by a number of backing players on this self-titled full-length, Zongamin is essentially Susumu Mukai, a … [Read more...]

The Great Shakes – In the Ballroom EP

The Great ShakesIn the Ballroom EPLast year, while many drooled over the latest offering from The Strokes, The Great Shakes were busy touring their hearts out and proving they were the real New York City act to keep on the radar. The band's debut EP, picked up by college and independent radio, was an incredibly energized and distinct blend of 70s … [Read more...]

Broken Social Scene – You Forgot it in People

Broken Social SceneYou Forgot it in People You hear that sound? That's the bandwagon sound. More specifically, that's the sound of people getting on the bandwagon. Jumping, grabbing, clutching, fighting their way on. The original members are doing their best to stomp at the grasping fingers of the hangers-on, as they never like it when their wagon … [Read more...]