Early Day Miners – Placer Found

Early Day Miners
Placer Found

Here’s a band that Sarah Records would have picked up if they had known about them. EDM slowly meanders their way through “Placer Found.” If you’re some emaciated indie pop kid with bad teeth, this would be the song to play when you invite the girlfriend around – If you had a girlfriend, that is.

The barely heard flat vocals, the slowly plucked C86 guitar, and gently caressed drumming all come together to give a lilting piece of magic that will be swapped amongst indie pop kid pen pals and online friends the world over.

This song is like a soundtrack to a time that you have now lost. It leads you to reflect on days long since past as you stare into the distance wondering what might have been. This musical memory catalyst adds a wonderful sense of atmosphere to a late-night gathering. Set to release an album in the near future, this is one to look out for.