Alien Dave – Johnson Jnr

Alien Dave
Johnson Jnr

With an intro that probably feels a little too long, Alien Dave nevertheless come along like a pop train with no time to stop. Played with zest and vigour, this is indie spirited through and through. It’s power pop that was born out of the pub circuit in Adelaide, South Australia, with some sway about it.

Chiming guitars lay down a catchy riff, and then it’s on for all money as the rhythm section kick in with a straining vocal that only just manages to keep up. Yet it’s all charm with a chorus that refuses to leave your mind.

Admittedly sounding like a lot other three-piece bands that do the pub circuits around the world, Alien Dave has a certain charm that you can’t help to like. It’s probably down to guitarist/singer/writer Danny Phillips’ earnest songs and equally earnest delivery that keep the allure factor so high.

Alien Dave it seems has taken their pop train to the end of the line with the band no longer together. An unreleased EP is floating around in the ether and may well be worth searching out for.