3d5spd – Fever in the Ice Age

Fever in the Ice Age

You remember how in school there’s always a few people that you don’t know and they don’t know where they belong? Kinda like a new kid that ate weird food and sat in the corner of the cafeteria. That’s kinda like the type of band 3d5spd is. They aren’t really doing anything unnatural, but they do what they want to do regardless of fellow bands, television, and radio. They think what they want to think and play the rock music they want to play. They’re not the coolest and not even close to a band that is easy to listen to all the time, but they are interesting enough, interesting in that high school outcast sort of way.

I wish I could say rock music has been getting better, but I believe there are more and more ordinary late 20-year-olds trying to get on MTV than there has been in a long time. Not all of them are bad, some are good… some might even have talent! That being said, at first glance you can look at 3d5spd’s CD and expect it to be all technologically advanced and what not, and from across the room they can shine as a rock band getting ready to hypnotize you with melody and movement. But that’s only the first look and no listening.

When you listen to the first song off of their fourth CD and second full-length, Fever in the Ice Age, called “The Situation,” they don’t sound too great. Just like anything new however, it grows on you (much like the way the new kid at school grows on you). By track 11, “Tunnel Vision,” the keyboards are accentuated more and you find a few qualities that make this band a little more original than most new rockers. Not to say that this band is the best rock band coming out of nowhere, but they have mucho talente.

I think the component I first noticed stand out were the drums. They are jazzy, intelligent, and serve as the most impressive attribute of their music, heightening the enjoyment of listening to the sometime bland songs. The guitars are sometimes a little too rockin as well, but they are well played/written. The keyboards add a lot of depth to the music, even if they don’t seem to shine on this album.

3d5spd IS one of the new progressive rock outfits coming into the world, but they aren’t pouring their hearts out on stage like the emotive rock outfits, and, frankly, it’s a good thing. They’ve been around for a while, and have payed their dues. They aren’t trying to get on MTV, they aren’t going to be on VH1, but they have style and I think that makes them worth a listen.