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The Junior Varsity – Say Goodnight

The Junior VarsitySay GoodnightThis band seems to be a bit of a fan of all that punk-pop stuff that is splattered all over the place, but Junior Varsity is at its best when the band sets its sights a little higher as they do with "Say Goodnight." This song is an earnest number that starts of with a gentle unassuming little guitar riff and then goes … [Read more...]

Hefner – When the Angels Play Their Drum Machines

HefnerWhen the Angels Play Their Drum MachinesIt's 80s synths and enigmatic vocals all the way with Hefner, with drum loops and equally loopy lyrics about a girl who seemed intent on ruining our hero's hearts. If Kraftwerk had grown up listening to indie music then they would have sounded just like Hefner. There is that enigmatic quality in … [Read more...]

Ugly Casanova – Sharpen Your Teeth

Ugly CasanovaSharpen Your TeethWhenever the principle songwriter of a great band decides to work on a solo project, he/she has a difficult task ahead of them. Now free from the compromises that unavoidably come with being part of a band, how does one keep the newfound liberty from turning into overindulgence? On the other hand, if he/she isn't … [Read more...]

Hilltop Distillery Р…Died in the Woods

Hilltop Distillery‚ĶDied in the Woods In two liner-note phrases of its ...Died in the Woods release, Hilltop Distillery provides us with this manifesto: "To gain personal and academic power we need to be able to write. This sample is meant only to clarify the concept." If liner notes were CD operating instructions, the ones written for this CD are … [Read more...]

The White Stripes – Elephant

The White StripesElephant These days, when an artist is heaped with praise, hype, and rave reviews, the result is usually quite predictable: the artist, unable to live up to near-impossible expectations, implodes before being crushed by a media backlash. Occasionally, however, a miracle occurs. The White Stripes, despite a constant stream of hype … [Read more...]

The Donnas – Spend the Night

The DonnasSpend the Night There's not much to say about The Donnas that hasn't already been said - by just about every teen girl magazine, from Teen People to Seventeen. This candygirl quasi-punk quartet has been a ubiquitous media presence ever since "Take it Off," the first single from their Atlantic debut, began topping the charts and popping up … [Read more...]

Waterdown – The Files You Have on Me

WaterdownThe Files You Have on Me As shown here on The Files You Have on Me, Waterdown is almost anything but watered down. Now, I am aware that some clever reviewer has probably already used a comparable opening line in his or her writing about this, the German outfit's second full-length with Victory, but it was the first thing that popped into … [Read more...]

The Thermals – More Parts Per Million

The ThermalsMore Parts Per Million Singer Hutch Harris began writing Thermals songs in his kitchen during the spring of last year. By the time summer rolled around, he had put together a real live band, featuring Kathy Foster (who also plays with Harris in the twee-pop duo Hutch & Kathy, as well as in the All-Girl Summer Fun Band) on bass, Jordan … [Read more...]

Bat Eats Plastic – Pounding Heart

Bat Eats PlasticPounding Heart What do you get when you combine a blend of the raw rock n' roll best exemplified by The Cramps and a smidgen of pop and experimentation? Well, the final result is likely to be similar to the musical concoction that Bat Eats Plastic arrives at. Bat Eats Plastic is a New York rock band that features guitarist David … [Read more...]

Rob McColley – Juicy

Rob McColleyJuicy First of all, let me start by saying this is one of the quirkiest records I have heard in a long time, and it has a cover that has had me throughly confused. Rob McColley has released records under the name A Boy Named Laurie, and this is his fourth release. McColley has a knack for creating pretty pop songs of many varieties and … [Read more...]