Various Artists – Fighting Music, Vol.2

Various Artists
Fighting Music, Vol.2

Sampler CDs are a great idea. Fit as many bands as you possibly can onto a CD, set a rock bottom price, and practically give the suckers away. But if a label is going to go through all that work (or four labels, in this case) , they could at least TRY to make it interesting….
The High Points: Sinners and Saints, “Marquee Lights” – Brothers Rob and Mark Lind (formally from Boston legends The Ducky Boys and Blood for Blood) start a band they say recalls Bruce Springsteen and Guns and Roses. Rooted more in their punk rock pasts than in the hardcore bands around them, and combined with with a true appreciation of straight-up rock n roll, this track is a nice change of pace from the rest of the bands on here. The Ducky Boys were a big part of my punk rock upbringing back in the golden days of Boston punk-rock, but this is just a huge step forward for Mark.
American Nightmare/Nothing, “Hearts” – I suppose this is good, in comparison to the rest of this disc. I was never a big fan of these guys, but I could see myself rocking out to this live with a large crowd. Probably not safe to drive to, you might get all wacky and start running over mailboxes and whatnot.
Stay Gold, “40 Smith and Wesson” – Once again, I could see myself having fun if this was live, lots of kids were running around, and I wasn’t sitting in front of my computer desperately wanting some take out. Good sound, kind of 30 seconds over Tokyo / Trouble-ish; intent on pulling more noise from the crowd than the band puts out.
I Hate You, “Conviction” – It’s 10 seconds long. These guys were smart, they stopped the song before I even had a CHANCE to lose interest.
The Middle: Diehard Youth, “911 wake up call” – laughable lyrics, which is too bad, because the music is pretty melodic and promising.
Over My Dead Body, “The Real Cancer” – A strong old-school punk-rock sound, but the song isn’t special enough to gather much attention.
The Low Points: Ringworm, “Necropolis” – Oh man, it sounds like a mediocre hardcore band mocking an even worse hardcore band. Complete with goblin voices and that strange joke of a drum beat that’s just snare snare snare snare snare snare really really fast. Bleh X 100,000.
Bleeding Through, “Rise” – I’m not sure, but I think that may be a choral keyboard sound used in the background.
Scars of Tomorrow, “Perfect Beauty” – Even if this song was any good to begin with, it would have been ruined on its recording alone. Whose bright idea was it to make the vocals three times as loud as any other instrument when the singer is just sort of growling?
Some Girls, “The Rains” – isn’t this Justin from The Locusts other band? Shouldn’t this at least show the slightest sign of creativity?