Tyko – Saturn 5

Saturn 5

It’s 1991 all over again in this pop gem from Tyko. Ethereal guitars, wistful vocals, and we’re not exactly a million miles from My Bloody Valentine and the shoegazing bands. This one, though, does have some urgency about it. It’s dreamy, but it’s a dream where you are running.

Featuring twin male/female vocals, “Saturn 5” reminds me a lot of mid-80s indie pop. Think The Church with a female singer joining in on vocal duties and you will pretty much get the idea. Starting with a bass line to establish the hurried and insistent rhythm, the chiming peal guitars set the mood. The injection of the floating harmonies and some percussion loops (which will remind this listener of Chapterhouse) keep this tune going on its merry way.

“Saturn 5” has a graceful production sound – and it’s just as well. The raw demos don’t quite do it. It’s the mix of ambience sounds making urgent music that have this band at their best.

On to the important things in music, the band have a nice look with estrogen and testosterone-charged screams apparently being heard during gigs. Lust is an important factor in every band. The future’s bright for this band as there’s some promise for some good solid music here.