The Matches – Chain Me Free

The Matches
Chain Me Free

Funny love stories and power pop go together like George Bush and war. In “Chain Me Free,” a catchy riff pricks up the ears as The Matches tell the tale of a relationship not quite getting off the ground. Why didn’t it work? Well The Matches are evidently far too cool for such shenanigans.

A fun tune with power riffing keeping things as infectious as that thing your brother’s got that you don’t like to talk about, this stomping punk-pop (ponk?) wouldn’t be out of place sitting in next to your Blink 182 CD. These sunny San Fran guys give a surfing reference or two, and you could easily imagine this song blaring from a beach buggy.

Wasting no time, the chorus comes in immediately. The singing has a high-keyed inflections which adds to the fun and helps to keep the tune in you head for a good month or so.