Sylvie – I Wish I Was Driving

I Wish I Was Driving

Sylvie is one of those bands that posesses that endearing recording quality. You can tell that they pooled together as much money as they could to record their album in a local studio. The musicality of this album is actually quite impressive. It is heavy and melodic, emotional and professional. The vocal harmonies are right on, this band is really really tight with each other. The vocals switch to a raspy shout at times and emphasize points in the song.
“Train Wreck” starts out with a jazzy drum intro that goes into one of the more mellow tracks musically. Vocally, however, it is a emotionally draining musical experience. The sadness and desperation soaks through the listener to affect a person in a way that only good music can.
Sylvie has a sense of musical schizophrenia, going from the manic high of “Four Days” to the melancholy mood of songs like “Park Bench,” “Pixel,” and “Grid.” The overall feel of the album is one similar to that of most “emo” albums, a sense of overwhelming sadness and heartache. Minor keys dominate the album, and the maturity of Sylvie’s time changes and dynamics is quite impressive.
Sylvie is one of those grown-up emo bands: they know how to rock, but they do so without using the stereotypical emo elements to an extreme degree. They take elements from a variety of sources, from Tool to Hot Rod Circuit, and turn them into something unique and exciting. Sylvie is a beautiful thing to listen to and easy music to enjoy. Lo-fi enough to be indie and polished enough to be emo.