Scissorfight – Potential New Agent for Unconventional Warfare EP

Potential New Agent for Unconventional Warfare EP

The term “stoner rock” is such a misnomer. I feel bad for the stoners who we are pidgeon-holing into one musical genre. If stoner music was truly accurate then Snoop Dogg, George Clinton, and whatever the stoners were too lazy to get up to turn off the radio would have to be included. So associating this music with the very specific experience of getting stoned would be slightly invalid, but associating stonerism with the people who make stoner rock would be an accurate portrayal.
As I understand it, Vermont is a haven for the stoner arts. Ben & Jerry’s comes from Vermont; what else do you want? The band Scissorfight is also from Vermont. They are influenced by the weed and other consciousness-expanding drugs as evidence by the cover of the album, which is some weird tesselation with naked women and giant gorillas. Delve deeper into this record by actually playing it and you’ll discover some free-wheeling hard rock.
“Hex” kicks off this five-song EP with a straight-forward rocker without the blues or funk influence that is so apparent on other songs. “Riverhorse” is the album’s second track and my favorite. The bottom-heavy blues groove that kicks off the song is sure to get an entire smokey, intoxicated bar moving on any given Saturday night in Vermont or anywhere else that good rock-n-roll is appreciated. On “Maritime Disasters,” lead singer Ironlung (named for his ability to hold in smoke), changes up his vocal style a bit. The different vocal approach along with the quirky basslines remind me of the wackiness of Primus but with harder edges and less fruity non-sense. “Running the Risk of Raining Buffalo” is a song you want to put on if you’re ever trying to ditch the cops while blowing through country backroads. “Harvester” is a resin-coated album-ender dedicated to people who provide the magical weed for all its appreciators.
I have no lack of appreciation for fun music that you can rock out to. You can only listen to Godspeed! so many times before you feel the onslaught of severe depression. And for those of you that listen to no-wave or sadcore all the time, get out on a Friday or Saturday night, check out some good rock-n-roll, and have a few beers. If you decide not to go out, instead opting to sit in and read philosophy, people who like Scissorfight will be out and they will be having more fun than you.
(Disclaimer: There is nothing wrong with reading philosophy – a) if you’re drinking or b) if it is a Tuesday night.)