Paul Westcott – Single Day

Paul Westcott
Single Day

An understated and pretty song about those wonderful moments when you realise that you are in love. Sung with restraint, accompanied solely by a strumming acoustic guitar, Westcott’s “Single Day” is like seeing a single flickering candle light in a large darkened room – small, simple, and beautiful.

Brought up in a musical household (including the all important addition of his mother’s habit of singing in the shower!), Westcott has put this musical education to good work with tender lyrics sung in a gentle yet strong voice. Westcott looks like he’s been dragged around the block a few times, yet this song so wonderfully captures those precious moments of a new love as if was the all the magic was experienced just as powerfully as it ever was.

This version of the song is described as just a demo. Let’s hope he doesn’t do too much to it. It works so well already. Best played when you’re winding down after a long night with that last glass of red.