Kurse – Pathways of Eternal Torment

Pathways of Eternal Torment

The cliché “write about what you know” holds true for music just as well as it does for literature. Simply, listening to what you loved growing up and using that as a foundation can work wonderfully – especially in the case of Massachusetts band Kurse. They dive right into the heart of 80s metal, kick it around a bit, and bring it back to the surface in the present for a breath of fresh air. While most of the great 80s metal bands have faded into oblivion or sold-out to nu-metal and psuedo-punk, it’s comforting to know there are still people doing it right and giving kids a taste of what real metal is all about.
Kurse really does sound a lot like their 80s predecessors, but that’s fine by me because they do it so well. Comparisons to groups like Megadeth will surely abound as the vocals sound a lot like Dave Mustaine, but with better use of the style by giving them a bit more of a range. The band is a trio, and frankly they do old-school metal just as effortlessly as a three-piece than their counterparts do as a four- or five-piece group. As a result, Pathways to Eternal Torment is chock full of blazing riffs, hard-hitting drums, and a solid bassline that are sure to please any metal purists. The formula is simple, and it works. Kurse hovers right on the borderline of melodic metal, which gives their music an almost hypnotic quality. I think gives them an edge that will – in the long run – make them more accessible to larger audiences.
Pathways to Eternal Torment couples 10 great tracks with great production for an all-around excellent release. With absolutely no weak songs in the bunch, it’s safe to say that almost any metal fan will enjoy this album. I understand that Kurse has been getting some radio play in New England, which is a great windfall for metal fans and for the genre as a whole. I’m thrilled to know people are turning away from a lot of what passes for metal these days and getting back to the root of things. I’m even more excited to know that bands like Kurse are helping to reopen those doors. More than worth the purchase price, Pathways to Eternal Torment is an album every metal fan should own.