Fairmont – True Love Waits

True Love Waits

Fairmont sound like Brian Moloko stealing the guys from The Cure. Urgent vocals sing again of love reminding of that lost moment in time somewhere between new-wave and the romantics of the early 80s. Indie through and through.

The song opens with the sound of searching for a radio station – waiting for a good song to play, the song is also about waiting. And waiting a long time it seems. They mention six years, so that’s a long time to be waiting. Waiting for what? Well, love of course.

Sounding a few mixing hours short of a good sound, “True Love Waits” is very raw feeling. It’s not really above demo stage really, but there’s a certain appeal in that, and more importantly all the right ingredients are there. Even the strained singing – which barely manages to hit some of the notes – leads to happy thoughts for this band.