Afternova – The Monster Mash

The Monster Mash

Novelty song of the week!

If you have been wondering what “Popcorn” would have sounded like if Marilyn Manson had done it, then wonder no more.

This distorted Moog sound that Afternova have produced sounds so brilliant, you wonder why someone hadn’t thought of it years ago. Now we know that it’s possible to combine heavy metal guitars and toy keyboards bought from Toys R Us.

This is a cover of the old Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Kickers song. Well at least I think it is – it’s hard to tell as Afternova don’t bother themselves with any unnecessary filler like singing. They get straight to the point and just nick a riff or too. Partly as an artistic statement, but mostly because they probably couldn’t be bothered learning the lyrics. They’re having too much fun with the hilarious sound they’ve come up with.

Some would say it’s murdering the original, but does killing the undead count as murder? This is just perfect for that dance party at the grave yard. S-Mashing.