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Fairmont – True Love Waits

FairmontTrue Love WaitsFairmont sound like Brian Moloko stealing the guys from The Cure. Urgent vocals sing again of love reminding of that lost moment in time somewhere between new-wave and the romantics of the early 80s. Indie through and through. The song opens with the sound of searching for a radio station - waiting for a good song to play, … [Read more...]

Paul Westcott – Single Day

Paul WestcottSingle DayAn understated and pretty song about those wonderful moments when you realise that you are in love. Sung with restraint, accompanied solely by a strumming acoustic guitar, Westcott's "Single Day" is like seeing a single flickering candle light in a large darkened room - small, simple, and beautiful. Brought up in a musical … [Read more...]

Striking Distance – The Bleeding Starts Here

Striking DistanceThe Bleeding Starts Here Striking Distance play unapologetic hardcore. They don't innovate, they don't attempt to fuse metal with hardcore, or hardcore with grindcore, or hardcore with any one of 1,500 subgenres out there. They play hardcore. From the pick slides to the rumbling bass lines, from the 4/4 drumming to the simple bar … [Read more...]

Blue Wine – Harp On

Blue WineHarp On Don't believe the lies. Tropical Queensland is no more awash in the sea of heat-baked tranquility than Bob Dylan is responsible for Boyzone. The fact the sun is shining 300 days a year never negates the tough yellow stains of perspiration that appear in early spring and stink into bitter rocks throughout a summer that threatens to … [Read more...]

Gray Market Goods – "Soldier of Fortune" b/w "We Live in the Future" 12"

Gray Market Goods"Soldier of Fortune" b/w "We Live in the Future" 12"As a deeply principled man, keen not to bog himself down with the trivialities of day-to-day band existence, Bundy K. Brown likes to keep shifting his musical energies around. After a short-tenure in an early-Tortoise line-up and a one-off album with his … [Read more...]

Tobin Sprout – Sentimental Stations

Tobin SproutSentimental Stations Tobin Sprout is something of a modern-day renaissance man: he's both a talented musician and an impressive realist painter. He has a long and distinguished alt-rock music career under his belt, and is known for his time with Guided By Voice, as well as for several acclaimed solo albums. A gallery on Sprout's web … [Read more...]

Doosu – Feng Shui

DoosuFeng Shui All you really need to know about this album is that it flat-out rocks. Feng Shui is Doosu's forth album, this one being released on the band's own BearHug label, and yet I had never even heard of the band until now. Doosu was once considered a nice little bright spot in the Northern Texas music scene, but if the band keeps cranking … [Read more...]

The Razorcuts – R is for… Razorcuts

The RazorcutsR is for... RazorcutsR is for... Razorcuts is a 21-track collection of folk-pop recorded by England's mid-80s underground sensations, the Razorcuts. Coming from a decade better known for spawning hair-metal and spandex, R is for... Razorcuts should be required listening for anyone who prefers their music outside the mainstream. The … [Read more...]

Ancient Greeks – The Song is You

Ancient GreeksThe Song is YouI wonder, I wonder... I wonder which specific ancient Greeks the Ancient Greeks find inspiring? From the way they pump out jazz-ish math rock, one would think it was perhaps Archimedes or Hypatia. But, of course, Euripides and Sophocles have clearly exerted an influence as well, given the AGs capacity for setting mood … [Read more...]

Before I Go – Save Your Breath

Before I GoSave Your Breath Coming out of Detroit, Michigan, Before I Go is a five-piece rock band that is just now starting to make a name for themselves. They formed in 2000 and have since switched around their lineup to their now fully committed and touring state. The technical, almost mathy, aspects of their music are loosened up by their … [Read more...]