Volante – Remixes EP

Remixes EP

What’s the deal with remixes lately? It seems that every time one turns around there is another batch of tunes being assaulted with remixes even after already working just fine on their own. Is this an attempt to fulfill contract obligations, or is the dance genre creeping ever closer into the indie-rock wavelengths? Whatever the case, there appears to be an abundance of these extras at present. Many of them are wholly unnecessary, while others give off a different vibe to an already solid group. In the case of Volante and its remix EP, the results would fall in the latter category.
Volante, a Guilt Ridden Pop mainstay, has already built up quite the solid reputation in the indie scene with its diverse songwriting and craftsmanship. This release is no exception. Though the remixes were not performed by the band itself (Brooce from Dwindle did the honors), they do show off the group’s talent in a different, danceable light.
This EP is only four songs deep, but each track is a pleasant enough listening odyssey; especially for those who prefer to dance to the sounds of their favorite indie groups as opposed to listening quietly through headphones. Each tune – from the two versions of “Arms to Fly” to “Hum” – adds a head-nodding beat to the ambient atmospherics normally associated with this outfit.
Aside from that, there isn’t much else to say about this release. Instead, what makes this record more interesting is the potential reaction from fans of Volante. Those who enjoy a dance/techno flavor over the top of their rock will likely enjoy this release. On the other hand, fans of pure, unadulterated instrumental trips might in turn cry out, “Another one bites the dust.” Whatever the case, the music is easy on the ears and may do wonders for an occasional trip onto the dance floor. So, either cut a rug or pass this one by.