Trendlenberg – Please Bad Woman

Please Bad Woman

Trendlenberg is Justin Cutway. His album, Please Bad Woman, is a collection of gorgeous Nick Drake-esque folk. From the opening track, the appropriately titled “In Sevens,” to the closing “Running from the Sun,” Cutway employs little more than his haunting voice and finger-picked guitar. A little goes a long way.
Cutway’s lyrics are filled with imagery taken from nature (see Drake). His songs bypass the common singer/songwriter habit of naked introspection. Take, for example, these lyrics from the song “Oh Glory”: “Another stone hits the moon / and the oldest wave is pulled shore / and a circle with me at the bottom.” Personal, yes, but a far cry from the girl, drugs, and heartbreak route favored by his peers.
Please Bad Woman is a stripped-down affair, but when Cutway chooses to go the way of more production/instrumentation (“When Bad Things Fall Apart”), he achieves a pleasantly early-Microphones sound. Nothing used (drums, random beeps, etc.) detracts from the simplicity and beauty of his songs. Cutway is also joined by Jen Turrell (Boyracer) on a couple of tracks, most notably “Red Sea Faces,” which features the duo singing over a sample of happy schoolchildren. Very cool.
Please Bad Woman is a very good album. Listen to it early in the morning to start your day, or late at night to unwind.