The Red Thread – After the Last

The Red Thread
After the Last

The Red Thread is, like many other singer-songwriters, pretty much a one-man show. Of course, the band – in this case a band called The Inspectors – is important in the overall sound, but they tend to serve more as an instrument to the headman rather than an integral part of the operation. And so as the end product, we get the outcome of a six-month hibernation from Jason Lakis slapped with the pleasant cowboy-country sound of the The Inspectors.
They open their debut album with “Spread Thin,” welcoming us to the band’s smoky western-bar sound. After a musical intro, the vocals come in, sounding more than slightly downtrodden. The bass lingers in the background over the guitar’s twang, and Lakis’ husky vocals: “It’s never going to work out that way / If you spread yourself thin / To take the time to drive out that day / If you spread yourself thin.” The second track, “Subject To Change,” picks up the tempo and sheds the country vibe. The vocals remind me of Promise Ring singer, Davey Von Bohlen, just without the lisp or the energy.
On the fifth track they cover Bad Brains’ “Sailin’ On.” Lakis picks his vocals off the ground, while the band mixes their country flavor into the original song, still managing to retain the original feel of the song. The album rounds out with “Details,” a very solid instrumental track.
There is no carping to be done here. This is a solid release. But, like too many singer-songwriters types before him, Lakis is just good. Certainly that is an accomplishment in itself, but don’t expect to be wowed. All things considered, I think this is just what I thought it was at the start: good smoky-bar-single-on-valentines-day-drink-myself-to-heaven music.