The Dead on Holiday – Demo EP

The Dead on Holiday are a three-piece out of England that formed two years ago. This is their demo recording that has one track meant for a CD-ROM and four audio tracks. The band has been receiving some air play in and outside of their homeland from these recordings. The band uses whatever methods they need to practice, usually in abandoned barns.
“Venus Punch” is the first audio track on the disc, and it carries some forceful melodic vocals. The guitar lays down some very nice rhythmic lines and tough breaks over the vocals. “Daylight Robbery” has another strong showing by the guitar player who leads the way again, and his playing carries a very lofty and interesting tone. The song carries a hard-rock melody with extra catchiness, although it sometimes hits lulls and is a little uneven. “Right to Fight” has some shouted vocals and some insane distorted guitar work. The song is very enthusiastic and unbridled but not all that coherent, and yet the melody still finds a way to be noticed.
This recording shows a spark in this band and the different styles they are willing to show off. The songs come off a little bit better when they hold back a little and keep the melody up front. This is a very strong band musically and vocally, and with a little more control they can create some very pleasant hard pop. When they try to stretch their boundaries with loud freakouts, they become too ambitious and miss the mark.