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Idlewild – The Remote Part

IdlewildThe Remote Part Those trained monkeys over at Capitol Records must be running loose again. How else to explain such executive bungling and managerial ineptitude? They already pulled this stupid, shortsighted stunt once already, delaying the release of Idlewild's magnificent 100 Broken Windows - not just for a couple of months, but for an … [Read more...]

Enode – Memory Still Fresh

EnodeMemory Still Fresh From a band with an incredibly pretentious name, Enode(pronounced "ee-no-day"), derived from Latin meaning to "work it out" or "solve the problem," comes a pointless and self-centered album. Memory Still Fresh is Enode's debut release, written primarily by frontman Ben Gitenstein. The band describes its music as Nick … [Read more...]

Thirdimension – Protect Us From What We Want

ThirdimensionProtect Us From What We Want As the amazingly resilient influx of bands from Sweden over the past two years shows no signs of abating, we might be justified in now making a preliminary evaluation of just what has filtered down to our American ears through the New Musical Express hype machines and European record charts. The first thing … [Read more...]

Sam Bisbee – Live at Arlene Grocery

Sam BisbeeLive at Arlene Grocery Although solo pop troubadours are creatures that periodically seems to go into hibernation, with each decade's cycles of heavy rock movements relegating them to pansy status and just as many songwriters find themselves as the leader of a band, the year 2002 may some day be recognized as a banner year for pop fans. … [Read more...]

Pony Express – Becoming What You Hate

Pony ExpressBecoming What You Hate You'd think that after working as a librarian for six years, I'd learn not to judge a book by its cover. I can distinctly remember taking one home in high school that had all the earmarks of a sci-fi pulp novel about phone phreaking and artificial intelligence - and the acrid sting of dissapointment that followed … [Read more...]

Loess – S/T

LoessS/T As a reviewer, I'm not supposed to spend too much time comparing artists and albums to other artists and albums: it's hardly fair to the artists, it's boring for the reader, and it shows a real lack of ingenuity on the reviewer's part. What happens, then, when I listen to an album and it simply screams derivation? On one hand, it's … [Read more...]

Verona Downs – Fuzz Demo 2 EP

Verona DownsFuzz Demo 2 EPVerona Downs, led by Greg Jacobs formerly of Weeping in Fits and Starts, continue their ongoing demo series with this three-song EP recorded at studios and practice spaces. However, the use of the word "demo" in the title is a bit misleading because it seems to imply that these are rough drafts of songs with mediocre sound … [Read more...]

Marky Ramone & the Speed Kings – Legends Bleed

Marky Ramone & the Speed KingsLegends BleedRock-n-roll is here in a big way. The burgeoning popularity of this new form of music has already devoured the college music scene with revolutionary bands like the Mooney Suzuki and the Agenda, creating new and diverse sounds that push the boundaries of creative and cathartic expression in the art … [Read more...]

MAPS. – Model American

MAPS.Model AmericanMAPS are a dearly departed hardcore band from that great punk rock town of San Francisco. Members went on to be in the Nerve Agents and the Distillers, a band who is currently enjoying some commercial success. Its safe to say that MAPS never had any ideas of being marketable; these guys have hardcore in their hearts and it shows … [Read more...]

Somehow Hollow – Busted Wings & Rusted Halos

Somehow HollowBusted Wings & Rusted HalosFormed in the aftermath of Grade, Somehow Hollow presents a more radio-friendly sound. All four members have at one point played in the melodic punkcore machine known as Grade, but their friendship goes back way before that project, and they had in fact, been in a band before Grade broke up. But now this … [Read more...]