Moreland Audio – Turbogold

Moreland Audio

From the ashes of Atlanta’s indie darlings Purkinje Shift, Gary Flom and Ben Davis have risen to become Moreland Audio. The two guitarists have a new drummer, Adam Overton, in tow and a brand new album being released this month. The trio’s eight-song epic is obviously missing both bass and vocals, but for fans of math rock or post-rock, Moreland Audio will be a treat that is easy to lose yourself in.
Moreland Audio is a bit hard to classify. They have obvious jazz roots, and the music itself is at least based on rock, but the result is something different all together. The album plays out like one long jam, with only subtle changes and progressions marking the switch between songs. The music is intricate and cerebral but still highly enjoyable for exactly the same reason. Despite the technical level, everything here still sounds organic and completely natural. You can tell that these guys understand each other about as completely as possible and this feeling is passed on to the listener.
Turbogold will definitely take you on an emotional and intellectual journey filled with a variety of highs and lows. It’s as though you are getting plugged right into the music itself and I can’t imagine a more elaborate musical experience than this. I imagine the group’s live show contains a lot of impromptu jamming depending on the mood of the band and crowd and where the music is destined to take them all that night.
Moreland Audio, like many similar bands, will not please everyone. If you don’t like instrumental music or can’t handle music that is going to make you think, then this is not the album for you. However, if you enjoy music that will simply captivate you then you should make sure you pick up Turbogold and give it a go. Bands this cohesive don’t pop up everyday, and you’d be remiss to miss out on the experience.