Mindshift – Tomorrow


It’s riff-arama time at Mindshift HQ as this nu-metal-ish looking band gives us a serve in what they like to call “Tomorrow.” Sounding not unlike every other band that have done this since Helmet, Mindshift have produces a song that sounds like all their other ones. That hasn’t stopped a lot of bands in the past, but the one song Mindshift isn’t good enough to keep you attention.

Although the riff-a-licious sound shows some promise (especially if they get the right producer), the songs are just not strong enough. That leaves you thinking that the previous song is just the same as the last one.

“Tomorrow” starts with a nice little evil guitar riff, and then the whole band come in turning things up to the volume up to Ear Bleed. Then Jamie Durham’s vocals kick in and things suddenly go flat. Jamie’s trying, but the writing is not there in the first place. The band is tight enough to produce a big sound, but if the songs are not happening then the band’s efforts are in.