Lanky – Inner Onwriter

Inner Onwriter

This is the project of New Jersey resident Frank Stabile, who is the primary artist and likes to go by the name of Lanky. He gets a little help with some extra instrumentation by some fellow associates on his debut release here. Lanky recorded these vocals primarily at home when the mood struck and let the music take it where it needed to go. Stabile lays down some sparkling melodies but undercuts them with questioning lyrics and smooth vocals.
“Aeroplanes” starts the disc off with some bright vocals over chirping guitars and backing vocals. The song uses some well-performed vocals and some rather interesting instrumentation. “Here We Are” has a loping melody that falls into a nice groove with a strong rhythm section performance that locks right in. “Exit Ramp” uses bittersweet vocals and lyrics over a wistful melody. Stabile’s vocals are a little hidden underneath the music, but they are strong enough to come through with his message.
“Anybody” has an airy pop atmosphere with some floating guitar and slight piano twinklings. Lanky’s laidback vocals sit on top of his backing as they take the lead on this tune. “Sympathy” starts off with some slight guitar backing the strong vocals and heartfelt lyrics. This performance is very captivating with Lanky sounding in top form throughout this song. At the end of the disc is a hidden instrumental track that wraps the disc up in a wonderful way. There are some excellent keyboard, synth, and guitars that create a really peaceful tune.
This is an impressive solo debut for Lanky and his brand of bright pop instrumentation and strong lyrics. Occasionally it’s hard to distinguish one instrument from another on a couple of songs since they are all blended into one big concoction. Stabile’s vocals are pretty strong through the whole disc, even when they can be a little overshadowed by his backing. His combination of sparkly pop and very real lyrics work wonders here, making the disc much more compelling. The songs seem to go by much faster than the actual running time, which leaves you wanting more by the time they each finish. With a little more variety, there could be quite a buzz surrounding this recording, but still it is really a wonderful debut with a couple of minor faults easy to overlook.