iSOLA is a four-piece band hailing from Texas where the members got together while attending Southwest Texas State University. On the band’s debut EP, the musicians keep things firmly rooted in airy pop tunes. This recording is full of bright melodies clearly influenced by early Brit-pop.
“Medic” starts things off with some underlying, flowing keyboards soaring over the breathy vocals of Joey Agnew. Occasionally the vocals are a little bogged down by the production, but the song stays interesting regardless. “Where are All the Flowers” has some nice rolling guitarwork that quickly switches to blasts of distortion. There is also some very good drumming by Shane Berry on this track. “I Won’t Change” is the disc’s attempt at a ballad, with sweet guitarwork that mixes nicely with Agnew’s rambling narrative. Occasionally a tinny keyboard pops up and is a little distracting, but the song is pretty entertaining otherwise.
There is a pair of hidden songs at the end of the disc, and those are actually the most enjoyable and memorable of the disc. This is a disc of pretty solid pop that could benefit from a little bit more originality. It’s hard to knock a band that clearly has a passion for music and makes a solid effort. This recording is enjoyable, even if it doesn’t leave you wanting more when it’s over. Agnew’s vocals are a little thin, but he can carry a tune that doesn’t stretch his voice too far. The end result is pleasant listening and an overall effort that should be commended.