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Horror Show
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Well, Deathwish, Inc. has done it again. For those unfamiliar with the company, it is an east coast-based hardcore/metal label run by several musical aficionados, one of whom is the lead singer of Converge. With careful precision, they have built their business from the ground up – band by band, release by release – and become one of the best labels in the hardcore universe. The owners obviously have a true love for hardcore, and their penchant for delivering good product is nearly impeccable. The most recent example of their ability to find new talent comes in the form of something scary – at least in name.
Horror Show plays a tight, aggressive form of old-school-style hardcore akin to bands like Mouthpiece and Kill Your Idols – not quite as fast as groups like Youth of Today, but still quick tempoed and heavy enough to liven up any mosh-pit. Also, as a deviation from other old-school groups, their lyrical content appears to cover personal issues (romance, suicide), something a bit unique to a genre known for dealing with political and scene issues.
As with most bands of this musical persuasion, there is not a lot of variety to the tracks. At the same time, those partaking in this genre know better than to expect intricate acoustics or grand piano parts. These guys punch out each tune as if their life depended on it – the only way to really play this form of music.
“Stay Gold,” “The Last Steel Mile,” and “Seconds to South” are among the best tunes on the disc, though, at times, it is hard to tell them apart. The blistering, intense combination of yelled vocals (old-school style, not cookie monster), lightning quick riffs, and thunderous drumming creates quite an exhilarating listen.
Horror Show rips through all of their songs so quickly that the record ends seemingly just after it starts. For other styles of music, this result would be puzzling. For hardcore it fits in nicely. Keep your eyes out for this band, as well as other groups on Deathwish, Inc. If you like hardcore, this is surely one label you should be supporting.