Flashlight Brown – All that Glitters is Mold EP

Flashlight Brown
All that Glitters is Mold EP

I do my best to avoid most of the new “punk” that’s out there for its ultra-cheesiness, whiny vocals, and delusions of being much cooler than it really is. Leave it to the teenyboppers, I say, and give me something harder. But try as I might to avoid a lot of the mainstream pop-punk, I’m still a sucker for catchy, melodic songs. I will almost never end up buying this type of music, but I’ll secretly enjoy it when I happen to come across it – just like Flashlight Brown’s recent EP All that Glitters is Mold.
These Canadian boys are easily going to become a new favorite of the MTV crowd once their full-length album is released later this year. They’ve got all their pop-punk chops lined up in a neat row – complete with lyrics that will greatly appeal to all the little suburban teen scenesters. It’s all about not fitting in, beer, girls that won’t talk to you, and shattering the boredom of small town life. Pepper your songs with a few four-letter words and lyrics like, “if you call me a loser I’m afraid I will agree,” and you’ve got yourself a hit.
The main reason I find myself attracted to All that Glitters is Mold isn’t the lyrics, because frankly unless you are stuck in high school there isn’t much appeal there. The big draw for me is that this foursome is comprised of good musicians who aren’t just posing for the camera. Unlike a lot of their peers, they aren’t at all sloppy and they’ve drawn on some great styles to craft their sound. While they are undoubtedly pop-punk, they’ve also pulled in some elements of ska and even guitar rock to spice up the music and give it some extra depth. I also find myself enjoying the vocals simply because they aren’t at all whiny.
If you like good melodic pop-punk – either openly or secretly – then Flashlight Brown is right up your alley because they manage to avoid most of the pitfalls that make many of their contemporaries downright annoying. Even better, you’ve still got some time to check them out before their new album hits, so you can say you were a fan before they were hip.