Destination: Oblivion – Awakening EP

Destination: Oblivion
Awakening EP

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not generally a fan of industrial music because it’s not a style that usually draws me in. However, Destination: Oblivion have managed to not only draw me into their music but keep me intrigued throughout all four tracks on their EP Awakening. I don’t necessarily understand all that’s going on here, but each time I listen to this CD I find new points of interest – and that’s something many bands fail to accomplish.
If you are into industrial music, then Destination: Oblivion is definitely right up your alley. Their sound is a heavy mix of guitar and bass backed up by a variety of keyboard sequences, samples, and other electronic bits and pieces. The result is deeply textured industrial that leans more toward the metal end of the spectrum. Of the four tracks on this EP, I find myself most drawn to “Descent” because of the hauntingly beautiful piano and echoing vocals and audio clips. Like the other songs, this one is incredibly atmospheric and moody, but I’m ultimately attracted to the simplicity of “Descent.”
At time Awakening was recorded, the group consisted of Dennis Navratil providing the vocals, guitar, and keyboards and Rob Freeman on bass and backup vocals. I understand that after completing a full-length album in 2002, they’ve recently added two more members to round out their sound by adding real drums and a separate keyboardist. I’d be interested to hear how this affects their sound; though I can only imagine it would further what is already a good thing.
As a semi reintroduction into the world of industrial music, I rather enjoyed what Destination: Oblivion has to offer. I think it’s safe to say that those who are rabid about this genre will eat up Awakening and come back for more. With such a promising show on their debut, I’m certain subsequent albums will prove even more enticing.